Friday, January 16, 2009

Year in Review 2008

After surveying what everyone else had done last year, I had decided against doing this post because I felt there really wasn't that much. But Coleen insisted that I take a look at what I had done and I was really surprised by how much I had accomplished. The first half of the year was largely taken up with doing 7 bridesmaids dresses (I made all of them in this picture, except the one on the far right),

but I still managed to make Coleen a blouse and a couple pairs of pants.

I also made an outfit for a client from a piece of lovely silk an exchange student from Thailand had given her.

In the second half of the year, I made more pants for Coleen (we both made pairs at the same time- which is a great way to teach someone how to sew- especially, if you are like me and are always trying to show your pupil how to do something - this way I could do exactly that and still leave it for her to do on her own pair),

We also did the same thing with t-shirts.

I tweaked the pattern for shirts for William until he is very happy with the fit,

I made Coleen a hobbit costume for Halloween

and even turned out a couple of skirts and t-shirts for myself.

I learned a great deal making a winter coat for Coleen,

managed to make Christmas presents for family

and ended the year with making a poodle skirt for a client.

Here's hoping 2009 is just as productive!


Doncblogs said...

You had a very busy year with many successes. We are proud of all of your accomplishments. We ae glad Coleen talked you into making the effort to recount all you have done.

Mom & Dad

Gwen said...

Coleen was right - you have a lot to be proud of from 2008! Getting to sew with her must have been so much fun... :)
Here's to a wonderful 2009!