Wednesday, January 28, 2009

William is also busy

William has been working this month on another set of towels.

The beginning of the month- warped and ready to go. Notice that there is fabric being used as a warp separator. William did go to lease sticks for these towels, but we didn't have enough. Careful wrapping of the fabric, to make sure it doesn't bunch makes it useable with fewer tension issues than on the last warp.

The first towel

These are two variations of the dornick twill (quite similar to a herringbone- the difference is in how the v's of the pattern meet up - in a herringbone, it will be a continuous pattern of v's in one color vvvvvvvv- in a dornick, the v's are offset one white v one black v,etc.

Another weft color
The second variation, with the squares, is just a different treadling pattern.

He's on a business trip right now, but hopes to finish these up in the beginning of February and start a new project. I think he warped 10 towels and has 7 done.


Gwen said...

How cool! I love the dornick twill pattern! How big is his loom? It looks much wider than mine. That's the 8/2 cotton you told me about before, right? It's so helpful to put an image of a finished product together with a yarn size. :)

Gwen said...

Hey Amelia!
If you stop by my sewing blog, you'll see that I have a Kreativ Blogger award for you - and I want to say that it's not just b/c you put up this wonderful post for me. I actually have had my post waiting to go for a while... :)
Take care,
PS - of course, playing along with these awards is always optional