Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quilting Progress

Well, I've gone from this

to this

since the beginning of the year...

Right now I'm trimming all of the squares(or octagons rather)and then comes the fun part.

I get to put them up on the wall and decide which goes where!

Then have to put corners on all of them and sew them together...then quilt and bind it!

Deep breath. This is a big project with a tight deadline. The best way to get through it is one step at a time.

Wish me luck

Some stats:
Quilt for my sister-in-law's wedding in March
5760 pieces (already down to 2400- hooray!)
You can get the idea of what this will like at the top of my blog- I used the same pattern to make the quilt that is used as the background to the title.
This is a scrap quilt- it has lots of treasures: scraps from clothing my mother made my brother & I when we were little, a piece of fabric that was my grandmother's. Fabrics from friends in California, fabrics from almost every quilt I have made and lots of the clothes I've made for Coleen too.
The original quilt had larger squares - I believe they were 6", but for this quilt I shrunk them to 4" because I wanted to use the above scraps and a lot of them were not big enough to get pieces out of for a 6" block.
That means there will be 480 blocks in this quilt.

I hope to have it up on the wall by this weekend.


Doncblogs said...

WHEW!!! WHAT A TASK! I did not realize what all went into a quilt, or at least I never took the time to count the pieces. I have no doubt that the finished product will be beautiful and very much appreciated by the recipient.

We are looking forward to your brief visit next month on your way to deliver the quilt.

Much love,
Mom & Dad

Gwen said...

Wow! You have made a lot of progress! Oh man, I thought a handmade quilt in and of itself was an incredibly special gift - but adding fabric that is meaningful to your family... I can't imagine anything more treasured. It will be a constant present reminder of the love of your family. :)
I can't wait to see the next steps! :)