Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Gwen

These are William's temples. He used the sample end off the last towel warp to make them. They are just very basic drawstring bags that he filled with pebbles (rice or sand would work also)

He uses bent paper clips to attach them to the edges of the selvedge. They help you keep a square grain in your fabric and also make it easier to keep your selvedges neat.

There is a corresponding one on the other edge.

Check out the information at The Woolgatherers. She has a wealth of information including this page on homemade temples. She does some really lovely work, especially in linen

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Gwen said...

Oh, Amelia - thank you SO much for making this post to show me the temples! I can't believe you went to this much trouble!

I think I vaguely remember a mention of temples in the Chandler book, but I hadn't really processed the idea. These pictures are really helpful! I was considering just saving my first piece as a momento - I could make temples out of fabric, couldn't I?

And thanks for the link - I'm off to work now, but will follow it up ASAP! Probably sometime today during a boring meeting... ;)

Thanks again! You're the best! :)