Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SSS Days 17-21

All are from Ottobre Woman
2/2008 #10 knit cardigan
2/2007 #4 tshirt
2/2007 #8 skirt

Finished socks today and wore them! The pattern is 'Sunshine' from Cookie A's book Sock Innovation Otherwise, I spent most of the day in my sewing room in very casual clothes that did not get photographed.

This is another version of the simplicity pattern you have seen before... this time with long sleeves. Believe it or not, there is still one more version... I really liked this pattern. All of these shirts are at least five years old and a couple of them should probably be retired soon.

Ottobre Women 2/2010 #6
Jalie Pants - These are actually my husband's - yes we are very close to the same size- at least when I make pants for him a size too big! I was planning on wearing a skirt, but it was chilly this morning and sometimes you just feel like wearing pants...

Ottobre Woman cardigan again... will probably only wear half the day. It has been chilly in the morning and warming up in the afternoons - perfect fall weather!
Ottobre Woman 2/2008 #4 tshirt
2/2007 #12 skirt

Progress on my coat

As of Sunday, all of the pieces of my muslin are cut out. The seams are all thread traced and ready to sew together.

I've had a few minutes here and there the last couple of days and have the back sewn together and am working on the princess seams of the front. I hope by this weekend to have the musling together and fitted.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SSS Days 13-16

Hmm... you'll notice there are only 3 pictures for the four days covered. Forgot to take pictures on the 14th, but it was just a repeat of what I wore on day 3.

Top Ottobre Woman 2/2008 #9
Tank Ottobre Woman 2/2009 #1
Skirt Ottobre Woman 5/2007 #4. Stitched for me by Coleen.

Skirt is self-drafted from RTW. It is a mock-wrap and extremely comfortable
Blouse is the same pattern as the red checked shirt on Day 1. Actually, in the picture below is a 3rd version of the same blouse.

Also wearing the pants from day 1,3,4 and 7...see, I told you I wear them lots.

Lady Grey Coat Sew Along

I'm participating in the Lady Grey Coat Sew Along over at Gertie's blog.
I am so excited! My fabric came yesterday from An unclipped corduroy and one of Amy Butler's prints from her Midwest Modern collection plus ivory satin for the sleeve lining. I think it will be lovely. I am definitely starting on the muslin today when I get home from work!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Self Stitched- the 8th-12th

BWOF ? Will look up the issue after work
Ottobre Woman 2/2010 #6
Ottobre Woman 2/2008 #9
Another version of Ottobre Woman 2/2008 #4
Ottobre Woman 2/2006 #3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SSS Days 3-7

Ottobre Woman 2/2008 Tunic #1 Two different versions. The second blue one was sewn for me by my daughter (and so I guess I fail at self-stitched...)

Ottobre Woman 2/2008 tshirt #4
Ottobre Woman 2/2010 blouse #14

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 1-3

Here are the outfits for the first 3 days of September. Forgive the bad pictures, I forgot to have Coleen take them and so would take them myself at lunch time and the camera and I were not agreeing on where the focal point should be...

Day 1:
Red check shirt - made by me several years ago. One thing it reminds me of is that I have improved as a seamstress... alot... even though, I still need to work on fitting. It was a simplicity pattern that I do not have any longer, but I used it a lot when I did - probably 5 or 6 different versions over a couple of years
Pants - Made last year while I was taking the series of pants classes offered by Shannon Gifford at Pattern Review. This was originally a simplicity pattern too, but it was altered quite a bit. I love these pants - they are quite comfortable, however I really had trouble with the zipper at the time, so they are not my best effort. I still wear them lots however.

Day 2:
Sweetheart top by Jalie. Love this pattern and really should make some more!
Green pants are actually the muslin for the tan pants above...

Day 3:
Same pants as day 1. The shirt is from Burda October 2007.
My first completed Burda pattern. Great details