Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring is being signalled this year by small things-

The trees have not leafed out yet, but small little blooms have started appearing: crocus and daffodils,

various wild flowers I don't know the name of.

The cacophany of sound when you open the door- the birds are back. Friday at work, I could watch them gathering materials for nests. Right now I can hear cardinals and a woodpecker and various song birds. A moment ago a pair of Canadian geese flew over. I never notice how quiet winter is until it becomes so noisy in the spring.

The other day, a wood duck landed on the factory chimney across from our house... it seemed a funny place for a duck to be.

Spring also means the start of the garden. Last weekend we had three days and gorgeous weather so most of the beds were prepped with two truckloads of compost

and we planted potatoesand onions.


Doncblogs said...
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Doncblogs said...

Yes, Spring is wonderful. We had snow on the crest yesterday and Denver got 3' of snow in the foothills and shut down I70 for about 8 hours, but it is Spring and even now I can hear the birds singing and we spent today fixing major leaks in the drip systems and will probably start moving plants out to the pateo this next week. the photos of your flowers are quie lovely. and your garden looks impressive.

Yes, we saw your photos but have not tried to download them. will try later this week, time permitting

Time to think about dinner. Love you all.