Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coleen's Year in Review 2008

Working on William's Christmas present. She made him a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpantsShe also made me a skirt. Somehow I have no pictures of either William or I in these clothes. I'll have to correct that. I admit I actually wrote most of this post in January and was waiting to post until I got pictures, but I'm giving up...or else it will be time to do the 2009 review before I even get 2008 published.
We forgot to shorten the sleeves...

She made her whole outfit in both of these pictures.

After looking through pictures to find what I had done last year, I really thought Coleen's sewing should have it's own post. She really has done a lot and I'm quite proud of her. She is a good listener and tries to follow directions. Most of these patterns come from Ottobre magazine, so she traces the patterns, reads their brief directions and then I give her mini-tutorials as we go through the different steps. She doesn't cut anything out yet- I will let her iron and use the sewing machine, but I can't hand the rotary cutter over to her. That thing just makes me too nervous! Since the patterns come from Ottobre, they don't have any seam allowances and so it is easier for me to cut them out then have her add s.a.s before she cuts them with scissors.


Gwen said...

Wow! Coleen had a great year in 2008! Please tell her that I said I'm really impressed and she should be proud of herself! I wish I had started sewing as a girl... It's so cool that the 2 of you can sew together! :)

gwensews said...

That's a lot of really good sewing for a little girl. She may be a budding designer!

Doncblogs said...

Great job, Coleen. We are definately proud of you your Mama and your Papa.

Love, Granpa