Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kyuki-do test

Coleen had her test in kyuki-do on Tuesday. See this post for the difference between Kyuki-do and karate

When they test, they work through the forms for all of the different levels up to their level and then they also practice kicks and punches and then do sparring with a partner.

Coleen and Sergei both started around the same time and usually test for their belts at the same time. They really like to egg each other on.

In kyuki-do there are 13 belts between white (novice) and black (expert). Coleen just moved up to her sixth belt.

We're proud of you kid!

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Doncblogs said...

Great job, Coleen. Be sure tobring your Karate outfit when you come to visit. We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Grandma and Grandpa Crawford