Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Karate Kid

Coleen tested for her green belt in Kyuki-do, a Korean martial art that primarily incorporates elements of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Judo. It is the branch of martial arts that our local studio teaches. The following comes from Coleen's manual The Art of Kyuki-do :

"Like many other martial arts, Kyuki-Do incorporates a ranking system that utilizes colored belts. The color of a student's belt symbolizes his or her progression in the art; students start at white belt, and as they become more and more proficient, they promote to higher ranks. Kyuki-do has twelve colored belt ranks before black belt."

To get a new belt means to learn a new form which is a new series of moves that you have to memorize and get proficient in.

Green is the fifth level in this hierarchy. I stayed and watched Coleen during her test and was very impressed with how far she has come along and how high she can kick!

She did quite well on her test. Here she is being presented with her new belt. The old belts go on a special rack that William made for her, so she can see her progress.

This is her main instructor, Mr. Nordie. Doesn't she look pleased as punch with herself?

William and I are very proud of our karate kid!

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Don&Jana said...

WOW! Congradulations, Coleen. We are very proud of your achievements. Keep up the good work. Love you,

Grandma & Grandpa Crawford