Saturday, November 22, 2008

And now finally, the coat

So, here's Coleen ready for winter. William knit her the tam and the scarf is my family's tartan, which really ties the green coat and red hat together.


and back:

I am quite pleased with it. I had lots of fun with the needle felting on the belt and the pocket welts. I am also pleased with the buttons I found. They have interest without overpowering the other details. - I didn't think about it, but on the back belt the buttons and needle felting are quite close together and a lot of the buttons I looked at clashed with the felting. Thankfully one of the ladies at the quilt shop saw these (I had passed right over them after trying the same design in red and not liking it).

I re-sewed the lining and it looks much better. The sides do not pull up any more.

I really learned alot making this coat and now want to tackle them for William and me. I know there are things that I can improve the next time around and look forward to the challenge.

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Gwen said...

Congratulations! The coat looks great and Coleen does, indeed, look ready for winter! I love the felting and buttons - you are right, they go together very well! :)