Monday, October 27, 2008

Especially for Dad

My dad is in Virginia for the next week and called me to ask how to get to my page, so I thought I would send him an extra special hello.

Love you Dad! Have a great trip. We had snow again today...brr!

The picture of Coleen jumping is a few weeks ago when the leaves had just started falling. She spent a good hour outside trying to rake up enough of a pile of leaves to jump in. She did enjoy it!

These pictures are from our last trip to Perrot. It was a gorgeous fall day a couple of weekends ago.


Don&Jana said...

Thank you, Amy, you just made the rest of my day. The picture of the fall days are beautiful as is Coleen and her newly caught leaf.
Much love, Dad

Don&Jana said...

We do enjoy your page--& the pictures! When your Dad & I were growing up we called those black & brown caterpillars "Wooly caterpillars". If you see a lot of them in the Fall it is supposed to foretell a hard winter--so be prepared!