Friday, October 1, 2010

The end of Self Stitched September

Well, September has come to a close. It was a very interesting month and I put a lot more thought into what I was wearing each morning than I usually do.

You will notice that of the last eight days of the month, I only have pictures of about half of them. I did have company, but also I got tired of taking pictures of the same outfits that I wore earlier in the month, so you'll have to take my word for it that I did finish out the month...

What did I learn?

I need a more well-rounded wardrobe and though I love to jump from one involved project to another, I need to spend some quality time just making some basics- a few more tshirts and a couple pairs of pants and I would not have been so bored with what I was wearing at the end of the month to stop taking pictures.

I love skirts and I pulled them out and wore them more this month than I have in years. And right now I have a job where I could wear skirts more often. The next few months might get to be too cold, but in the spring, I am definitely going to keep wearing skirts...

Work more on fitting. Since I also started working on the Lady Grey coat sew-along this month, I have noticed a couple of alterations that I could probably consistently make to patterns that would make them fit better. I need a swayback alteration and I also have narrow, sloping shoulders.

And find some TNT patterns. I noticed that a couple of patterns I used over and over again this month. There can be infinite variations just with fabric and details, so find some well fitting pieces and develop a wardrobe around them.

Thank you Zoe for dreaming up this challenge. It has helped focus my sewing and I will have a better wardrobe to show for it!

Pants - altered simplicity pattern
Lady Grey muslin - the project I'm working on right now!
Ottobre Woman cardigan, burda blouse and the simplicity pants again- as much as I wear pants- I really need to get a couple more pairs made!

Simplicity blouse
Altered simplicity pattern for pants- these were the muslin for the tan pair and they get almost as much wear! Except because I was only going to use these for a muslin, they have no pockets- I won't do that again! Pockets are too useful a thing to leave out.

Burda blouse and simplicity pants again
This time teamed up with one of my favorite vests bought at Express ages ago (probably at least 15 years). I really should pull it out more often.

I will probably continue to incorporate self-stitched items into what I am wearing most days!


naughty little pony said...

Congrats on all your self stitched outfits for September! very impressive.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

You made some great items for the challenge. It certainly was a fun month!

I agree with your findings. I also need to add more basics to my wardrobe so that it's more flexible.

Zoe said...

You are very welcome! Thanks so much for your participation and I'm so pleased that you found out some useful things to take your self-stitched wardrobe forward in the future.

All the best
Zoe xxx