Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meet the newest member of our family

This is Biscuit. She came to live with us on Tuesday.

She looks especially funny when she is running. I think her back end gets going faster than her front end.

The cats are not sure what to think of her. They both run away from her even though she is probably only a quarter of their size. Lucy (pictured here) will not get near her at all. Thomas has sniffed noses and will settle down in the same room with her as long as Biscuit is napping, but as soon as Biscuit moves, Thomas is out of there!


gwensews said...

How cute! That little guy is lucky to find a home with people who will love him. Or is it her?

Doncblogs said...

What a cute puppy. I think it is wonderful for Coleen. She just loves watching "The Dog Wisperer" when she is visiting our home. What does Coleen think?
Love, Grandma and Grandpa