Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, I am down to 500 pieces!

All of the corners are sewn on the blocks and they are trimmed

and up on my wall. I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without my helper:

I can feel the end coming!

I have a question, when you have a big project like this, is there a point about 2/3 through it, that you just about hate it? I am at that point with this and know I need to work past it, but boy is it hard. It's good I have such a tight deadline with this. I have about half a minute I can spend on this feeling before I have to move on.

This will give you an idea of what it will look like. I am not going to worry too much about keeping these squares in this exact order. I think I'll combine these squares into larger squares before I do that. 500 pieces are a lot to keep track of.


Gwen said...

OMG - it's GORGEOUS!!! You and Coleen make an amazing team! :)

I've tried a couple of baby pieced projects, so I have an inkling of how difficult it is to get all those little pieces precisely the same size, and I am in awe!

Yes, I hit that same wall part-way through a big project. Wish I knew a sure-fire way to get past it... I think you're right, a short deadline will keep you on task.

Maybe if you can remind yourself of how happy your sister-in-law (?) is going to be when she sees this...

What an incredible gift of love and beauty! :)

Doncblogs said...

It is beautiful and with any big project I always try to break it down into smaller achievable pieces which you seem to be doing. By completing small tasks within the larger task the feeling of accomplishment helps to get you passed the overwhelmed parts of the project and those feelings of "won't this ever end." My projects, of course, are different than yours. You helper looks great and having a helper is part of the solution so you are not doing it all by yourself. If I remember you signed Charlie's and cat's while you were in the hotel room in Renton, Washington.

Hang in there and take lots of pictures.

I remember that your Mom and I got the last one-piece crotched table cloth because it was so large and difficult to finish. and we will cherish it always and maybe some day you will own it.