Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Last week after the snow, I came home and found this in our backyard. Every big snowfall, you can bet there will be a new snow angel. It seems to be something that Coleen just loves to do.

Last Sunday we went and got our tree. We don't go far, just to our backyard! There's a group of pines planted by our fence that were planted too close together - so we are harvesting a few to give the others more room. We spent the evening decorating the tree and listening to Christmas carols.

It was so nice to have the tree up! Coleen was home Tuesday and so I spent the day getting Christmas packages ready. The tree lit up, the crinkle of paper, Christmas music in the background and outside it was snowing. Just the sort of thing to put you in the Christmas mood.

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Gwen said...

Oh man, those pictures bring back memories! I grew up in Ohio (first 20 years) and snow angels, ice skating, snow men, snow forts - all were a big part of my childhood... ;)

The second 20 years of my life have been spent in Florida, and I think my blood has thinned out so much that I could never survive a real winter again. But I sure can enjoy your pictures! :)