Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blueberries will be in heaven

We went up to Hixton on Sunday to pick raspberries and get the first apples of the season at Cain's Orchard. The raspberries were picked over, but there were still some late season blueberries. We walked back to the far corner of their orchard and up on the hill were bushes that still had very decent picking for this late in the season. Not only that but the berries were delicious! Tart, lots of flavor and most were a good size, small but not tiny. We ended up picking four pails of berries- which will be enough for 18 jars of jam, 6 pies and a couple of batches of muffins. We will be eating well this winter!

I spent the afternoon making the two batches of jam mentioned above and posole and flour tortillas for dinner. William made a pie at the same time, so the kitchen was humming with activity. It was the first apple pie this year and it was a masterpiece. The crust was tender and flaky - yes, both at once. William uses the recipe from The Cook's Bible by Christopher Kimball and has a light hand - all of those years making pies for a living probably helped too. We used early season McIntosh for the filling. An excellent apple this time of year though they don't keep well and tend to get a mushy feel before there season is half over.

Perhaps this week I can get to my sewing room and work on the shirts I have got cut out for William.

This shows the two fabrics. I almost did not buy enough of the green fabric for a long sleeve shirt. That is why I am cutting it out of a single layer. I got it all pinned out this way and started cutting it and William reminded me to make the sleeves a little longer... just in time. I couldn't lengthen the sleeves, but I did make the cuffs deeper. My pile of scraps from this one is very small.

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